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We know the society dates back to at least 1903 and we are carrying out further research.

The committee are pleased to have back in their possession a silver medal which is believed to date back to 1903.

It was found by one of the members on ebay USA at a Californian coin dealer. After a very careful journey back to Skye we've now photographed it and are keen to see if anyone knows any of the history of this medal and how it came to be in the USA.

We'd also like to know of any others that are still in existence. If you know anything about this medal, or have one similar, or any other show or Skye Agricultural Society memorabilia please contact a member of the committee or click the contact us link below.

Click on the images below for 2x magnification...

Skye Agricultural Show Medal
Skye Agricultural Show Medal

We have a translation of the Gaelic on the front of the medal. Iona MacDonald of Skye gave us the literal translation which is:-

'The early work is evidenced in the final product'

She added that this should be interpreted as:

'You reap as you sow'

Many Thanks to Iona MacDonald of Skye and also to Maria Pelletta of Skye.

If you have any artefacts including photographs please contact the Skye Agricultural Society.

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