• cattle at skye show
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  • vehicles at skye show
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  • sheep at skye show
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cattle at skye show1 sheep at skye show2 vehicles at skye show3 vehicles at skye show4 horses at skye show5 sheep at skye show6 pipers at skye show7 veteran car at skye show8 dog at skye show9 bird of prey at skye show10


All animals presented for judging in the show ring must be under control. The judges have authority to disqualify any animal not complying with this rule. Exhibitors must register at the secretary's tent on the day of the show.


The society is not liable for any livestock or any other animal entered into any of the society's competitions or otherwise brought to the King George V Playing Field, Portree, or such other area of ground adjacent thereto or in the proximity thereof and used for such competitions. Livestock or any other animal entered into the show, or brought to the show, or its environs, are entirely the responsibility of the owners and exhibitors of such livestock or animals.

The society shall not be held liable for any loss, injury or damage which may be sustained by livestock or other animal, nor shall the society bear any liability whatsoever for loss, damage or injury caused to any person or property by such livestock or animal.

All stock entered must enter and leave the show ground via the gate at the west end of the field.

Barcode stickers for BCMS passports will be available from the SAC Consulting tent on the day.

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It's a Knockout Competition
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Horse Competition

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Cattle Competition
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Sheep Competition

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Dog Competition
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Poultry Competition

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Craft Competition
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Cookery Competition

Please click on the link below to see who is judging the competitions :-

  • Skye Agricultural Show - Judges pdf image (PDF)

Please click on the link below for our rules and regulations:-

  • Skye Agricultural Show - Rules pdf image (PDF)

The 'show judges' and 'show rules' above are in Adobe PDF format. Please click the 'Get Adobe Reader' icon at the bottom of the page if you don't already have Adobe Reader installed.

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