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At The Skye Agricultural Society we will protect your privacy. We only use information we collect about you in a strictly lawful manner. We don't send unsolicited e-mails (SPAM).

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Should you choose to contact us using the contact form on our e-Mail Form page, or an email link like this The Skye Agricultural Show none of the data that you supply will be stored by this website.  The data will be collated into an email and sent to us over the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) service. If you are under 16 years of age you MUST obtain parental consent before sending us an email.

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  • At The Skye Agricultural Society we use Google Analytics services. Google Analytics uses cookies to anonymously track activity on our website. We use this information to improve our website experience. No personal information is stored. Please review 'Google Analytics privacy policy' for more information about Google Analytics

  • The PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) cookie is used for our website enquiry form. This is an essential cookie. It would not be able to function properly without it. This cookie expires when you leave our website.

  • Our website also uses cookies to help with load balancing and traffic management. The website would not be able to function properly without them. These cookies expire when you leave our website.

  • The cookie alert notice displayed on our website also sets a cookie which records that the alert notice has been dismissed. This prevents the alert notice from being displayed on every page. This cookie expires 24 hours after you leave our website.

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Google Analytics

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Google Analytics Information


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For example, if an enquiry form is completed incorrectly, a message will be stored and presented to the user to indicate the errors in the submission.

When an enquiry form is submitted successfully, a message is stored and presented to the user thanking them for their enquiry.

No personal information is stored in this cookie.


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Cookie Alert Notice

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Expires after 24 hours

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